Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Financial Literacy Update Newsletter

Greetings Friends,

Financial Literacy Advocate, Author and Documentary Filmmaker, Braun Mincher, here with a quick update on my ongoing Financial Literacy Initiative, aimed at bringing a new awareness to this important cause and getting such required classes taught at every high school in America. Why is Financial Literacy a more taboo topic than religion, politics or sex? With your continued help and perseverance, we will ultimately be successful in reversing the Financial ILLITERACY Epidemic in America!

I am not sure about you, but my summer seemed to come and go too quickly this year. I hope that this email finds you doing well, settling into your fall routines and getting ready for the coming holidays. I apologize for the delay since my last Financial Literacy update, but my focus has been with some other unrelated projects for the past few months. While I still remain extremely passionate and committed to the Financial Literacy cause, I unexpectedly returned to the telecom business back in June. While building a new business is a lot of work, I am again having fun while enjoying the opportunities and challenges of the private sector, and look forward to growing another successful entrepreneurial venture. Please visit the PCG Telecom website for more information about my involvement with this new endeavor.

Updates on Important Financial Literacy Topics:


Thousands of visitors per week continue to take my FREE and thought-provoking Financial Literacy Quiz to test their knowledge of basic personal finance. While many of the respondents claim to be "well educated" academically, the paltry results certainly show what is lacking in many school curriculum. Sadly, the national average for FinancialLiteracyQuiz.com still hovers around a shocking 49%, yet a score 75% is barely considered passing. What's your score? Click here to take the quiz now and share with your friends.

Book - "The Secrets of Money: A Guide for Everyone on Practical Financial Literacy"

My 426-page information packed book continues to do well and teaches readers of all ages what they really need to know about personal finance from a practical perspective that they can quickly and easily relate to. I have a simple system to show people how to make lots of money quickly, and without working -- psych! Knowledge is power, and that is what my book delivers in an engaging format. Amazon continues to offer the best price and it's never too early to think about useful holiday gifts for those you care about. Special quantity discounts are available for orders of 100+ for your school, club, association or company (private branding programs have become very popular). Please email us for details.

Documentary Movie Production

Earlier this year, we wrapped several months of nationwide filming for our shocking new documentary movie, Secrets of Money: The Financial Illiteracy Epidemic in America Exposed. We interviewed over 100 real people, students, educators, government officials, celebrities, personal finance experts and others (click here for the detailed list) to get their perspective on WHY schools teach math, English and science but not Financial Literacy? We have gathered over 120 hours of raw footage and are open to exploring opportunities to collaborate with an experienced joint venture partner to assist with the final production, marketing and distribution of the film. Please contact us for more information.

Financial Education Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate

In March, Senator Patty Murray [D-WA] introduced the "Financial and Economic Literacy Improvement Act of 2009," a bill to provide grants to promote financial and economic literacy. The bill was referred to the Senate Committee, and if passed, it will authorize up to $125 million in spending to create a program for three different grade levels, K-12, that will mandate standardized financial education as a core-competency class. In addition, another $125 million would be authorized for use in post-secondary education. We will keep you updated as this bill progresses.

Money X Live Event - Coming to Colorado in 2010!

While we had the opportunity to witness multiple financial education events as part of our documentary filming, one in particular stood out above the rest: Money X Live held in Anaheim, California at the end of February. The event is aptly described as "Entrepreneurship & Money Entertainment." As financial literacy advocates, whether we like it or not, we are competing for attention with the likes of MTV, American Idol and the X-Box. One of the most effective ways to get our message through is by using the same engaging pop culture marketing angles and making the content practical and relevant to their daily lives. Money X Live was far and above the most effective and successful way I have seen to promote Financial Literacy to the next generation, and they are scheduling more events for 2010, including a visit to Colorado on Saturday, April 17th. For more information, please contact promoter Vince Shorb at (714) 960-4665 or Vince@NYEFC.org.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube

I have wholeheartedly embraced social networking and have found it to be a very effective and efficient means to communicate status updates on my various happenings (both personal and professional). If you want to be "in the know," please connect with me online:
Quotes from Personal Finance Experts

During the filming of our documentary movie, I made special note of the following memorable quotes from some of our interviewees:

Adam Carroll (Co-Author of "The Money Game"): "It takes about 3 years of constant action towards something before you begin to achieve the success you think you should."

John "Spider" Salley (NBA Superstar): "I don't read the sports section of the newspaper because it does not contain anything that helps my business."

Peter Bielagus (Young America's Financial Coach): "In America, you can have ANYTHING you want, just not EVERYTHING you want."

Rob Stumbaugh (Bank President): "The key to financial well-being is as follows: Same house, same spouse."

Chris Gardner (Entrepreneur & Movie Icon): "The person who is going to best look out for your financial well being does NOT live in the White House, he lives in YOUR house."

Sanyika Calloway Boyce (Financial Fitness Coach): "I did everything right academically, but everything wrong financially, so I turned my MESS into my MESSAGE."

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of this important nationwide Financial Literacy initiative. Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone else who may find it of interest, and visit BraunMincher.com for additional information, frequent updates and free Financial Literacy resources.

Braun Mincher, Financial Literacy Advocate
Creator/Speaker ~ FinancialLiteracyQuiz.com (What's Your Score?)

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