Saturday, May 8, 2010

Documentary Film Joint Venture Opportunity

In 2009, we finished filming The Secrets of Money: Exposing America’s Financial Illiteracy Epidemic, and traveled across the country for 3 months – from New Hampshire to California, and everywhere in between – to film more than 100 interviews with a variety of real people, parents, students, educators, government officials, celebrities, personal finance experts and others. We have collected more than 120 raw hours of quality interviews, and are passionately committed to see this project through to completion. Unfortunately, some other business interests have taken priority, and this project was temporarily placed on hold, not allowing the time to personally finish this important production.

We are seeking a qualified joint venture partner to take the material and concept already created and “run with the ball” to get the production finished and taken to market. We would be open to contributing our content as project equity, simply selling the assets (approximately $75k invested), or some other form of JV. If you, or any of your associates, have the experience, resources and interest to explore such a relationship, please click here or contact us for more information.

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